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REVIVER Inspiration Workshop

Interactive, in-person group session of 2 hours


The REVIVER Inspiration Workshop is an interactive, in-person session of two hours for 20-100 participants, that inspires future-proof leadership and action throughout your organization. Like all programmes, it follows the REVIVER approach: POSITIVE: we provide insight into the latest science and innovations for tackling climate change and inequality PERSONAL: we help participants formulate their personal vision for 2050 PRACTICAL: we provide the tools to take action towards participants’ vision, using their time, money and story The key messages of the workshop are: - We are not on the edge of an abyss, as we are sometimes led to believe - The safe and happy future we wish for our loved ones is not easy to achieve, but feasible - Active optimism is the most logical mindset when facing an uncertain future - Everyone can lead impactful change in an inspirational way This workshop is particularly effective is you believe that it is time to: - support your colleagues in turning their concerns about the future into action - build positive momentum around CSRD compliance - strengthen the role of sustainability in your corporate DNA

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