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About Us

Founder - Laura Taal

After completing her degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Human Rights Law, Laura dedicated all her professional energy over the past 15 years to nudging, pushing and pulling big corporates in the direction of sustainable supply chains. First as a consultant at PwC, then as sustainable procurement manager at HEINEKEN International and finally as a business analyst at IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative.

In recent years Laura noticed that climate change has rapidly moved up on people's personal list of concerns and priorities. As a consequence, people are increasingly eager to play their part in addressing climate change and the issues that are exacerbated by it. Laura sees this willingness to act as an enormous potential for the positive change that the world needs.

However, it can be challenging to decide where to start and how far to go in adjusting our current lifestyle. With that in mind, in July of 2022 Laura founded REVIVER: her mission is to empower people to translate their concerns about the future of the planet and humanity, into action that they can take today. In this domain, her experience in driving data-driven change comes together with her passion for creating a healthier and fairer world.

Laura lives in Amsterdam with her husband, daughter and son.

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Strategic Advisor - Kafui Adjogatse

Kafui Adjogatse (Kaf, for short) in his role as Strategic Advisor leverages experience in the education, sustainability and economics sectors to provide input on strategy, direction and educational content of REVIVER.

Kaf currently works as a Senior Innovation Manager for IDH, having previously worked as an Economics Lecturer for ONCAMPUS Amsterdam, a Credit Risk Manager at Macquarie Bank and a Data Analyst at Tussell Limited. Kaf has a Master's degree in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Warwick

Meet REVIVER's Critical Friends

A powerful group of experienced individuals from a diverse range of sectors provides constructive feedback on the strategy and purpose of REVIVER

Realistic Optimist, Social Entrepreneur

David brings over 3 decades of experience in sustainability to the table, and has worked with organisations in all corners of the globe. He guides leaders in the food & agricultural sector towards more sustainable, more inclusive value chains.


In addition, he is dedicated to supporting impact through entrepreneurship. He is not only familiar with the role of (co-)founder, but also of investor and advisor.

Social Research Expert

Dunya is a researcher at heart: she has worked for the Dutch Public Broadcasting Organisation (NPO) and was connected to the VU University in Amsterdam as a PhD candidate where she researched large demonstrations in Europe.


She currently leads and advises on projects regarding media behaviour, viewing audiences and consumer preferences in Europe, Africa and the Middle East at Google. She brings valuable insights to the group in terms of the motivational and emotional challenges that citizens need to overcome to propel collective action forward.

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Entrepreneur and Impact Investor

Jochem has co-founded several companies in different industries: telecom, agriculture and fintech. Within those companies he has acted respectively as CTO, CEO and as General Partner in a VC fund. 


He currently uses his entrepreneurial experience helping, and investing in, tech start-ups in Africa that aim to have strong social-economic impact.


Jochem recently co-founded the 10% club, a foundation that aims to increase the number of people that donate 10% of their annual income to the most effective charities.

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E-commerce Expert, Entrepreneur, Creative

Lydia has over a decade of experience in driving innovation and creation within in the e-commerce field. Varying from heading product development, creative design and business development for some of the biggest e-commerce players in The Netherlands.


Besides customer centric thinking and award winning design, she also brings entrepreneurial experience to the group from founding her own start-up in the sustainable fashion industry.

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Sustainability & Supply Chain Expert

Petra is an experienced, passionate and down to earth Sustainability and Supply Chain Director with a proven track record in developing and implementing strategic business transformations.


Over the past 30 years she has delivered strong business results and high performance teams by unlocking peoples' potential and optimising business processes. She is an effective stakeholder manager and strategic thinker, combining business acumen with supply chain and sustainability knowledge.

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Brand Management Strategy Expert

Over the last 30 years, Sabine has built her career in advising and consulting with executive board members and senior leaders in organisations around the globe in designing, developing, and implementing bespoke brand management and strategy solutions.

Sabine knows how to shape new businesses as well as position businesses for success.

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Positive Impact Change Agent

During the first 2 decades of his career, Simon worked globally with leading organizations in especially FMCG and retail, to create sustainable competitive advantage as Director at Monitor Company & Kearney and as Head of Group Strategy at Ahold.


During the last decade, Simon is focusing on creating Positive Impact: Creating Deliberate Social, Environmental, and Economic Value at Scale. In this, Simon helps large food & agricultural companies create regenerative and inclusive value chains in especially tropical commodities, leveraging innovative blended financing solutions.

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