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  • What theory is your approach based on?
    Although the REVIVER approach is not based on one specifically recognized theory, it draws from several schools of thought. The main principles we adhere to are: (1) "We encourage, we don't judge" - each individual starts their journey from a different starting point, and will travel at their own speed. Only in a safe and judgement-free environment, will participants feel truly inspired to look for ways in which they can start to challenge themselves and any members of their household to change their habits; (2) "We aim for evolution, not revolution" - even though it may be tempting to be ambitious in your plans to change to more sustainable lifestyle habits, participants are actively encouraged to maintain a solid balance between realistic and ambitious targets to ensure the feasibility of their action plan. Changing our lifestyle habits will often require commitment and endurance, if we want them to stick in the long-term they should first and foremost be realistic. (3) "We work towards a pleasant and plausible future" - at REVIVER we are fully aware that working towards a thought-out future that is pleasant as well as plausible will be much more motivating than to try and avoid a future that is threatening and unclear. Therefore we pro-actively seek to find inspiration from our individual pleasant and plausible vision of the future.
  • Are you going to try and convince anyone to leave their job?
    No, that isn't our intention. We aim for people to look at where they can make changes with their time, money and voice. When it comes to employment, our focus is on how people can make changes within their current job
  • Why do you aim for incremental change while more transformative change may be needed?
    Our gradual approach is one that perceives the size of transformative actions needed being an impediment to many people making any changes at all. By encouraging people to start small, and make incremental changes, we seek to build momentum that makes more transformational changes feasible in the long run.
  • Isn't REVIVER just a way for individuals and organizations to greenwash themselves?
    That is not our intention, but of course it could happen and we will seek to guard against that. Ultimately, the REVIVER courses are underpinned by action, which means that individuals have designated targets for the change they seek to make.
  • This sounds a bit like Effective Altruism. What is different here?
    We have some parallels with Effective Altruism, such as trying to be more effective with money or time, but have significant differences. Our approach tends to focus more on holistic changes that we as individuals can make in our lives, so that we know that our habits are increasingly aligned with the pleasant and plausible vision of the future that we are working towards.
  • Do you have any sources of inspiration that I can take a look at?
    Please consult our Resources page.
  • Is REVIVER a for-profit organization?
    The REVIVER organization currently consists of two pillars: one for-profit pillar that seeks to activate individuals by offering REVIVER bootcamps through large employers, and one not-for-profit pillar that provides a support network to REVIVERS so that we all feel supported and inspired to continue implementing the sustainable targets that we have set for ourselves. This second pillar, the REVIVER network, is of extreme importance for us as this is where the impact lies. We are all capable of making a plan and setting targets as we do in the REVIVER bootcamp. The question is whether we actually implement our plan, and the REVIVER network exists exclusively to support us all to be successful in our implementation.
  • Where are you located?
    As an organisation, REVIVER is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. However, we feel connected to the world and don't consider ourselves limited to working in the Netherlands.
  • Do you have a referral policy?
    As we currently exclusively offer the REVIVER bootcamp to individuals through their employers, we do not have a referral policy yet. We are always open to suggestions on out-of-the-box ideas though, so feel free to share any surprising suggestions you may have through email!
  • Why do you charge for bootcamps where others give similar courses free of charge?
    For REVIVER it is extremely important to know that the courses we offer are effective in moving people into action because without action we have no impact. This means that our courses have to be absolutely spot-on in balancing participants' needs and speak to their motivation for taking long-lasting action, while at the same time providing value for the employer. The most effective feedback loop to know that we are able to maintain this balance, is whether people are willing to invest their time and employers are willing to invest their money into the courses we offer.
  • How does the bootcamp prevent people from feeling underwhelmed by the limited impact of their choices?
    This is a topic we explore during the REVIVER bootcamp in quite some detail. We do this by explicitly stating and accepting that indeed, our impact as individuals is unfortunately limited. However, we then go on with formulating a pleasant and plausible vision of the future for ourselves. Against the backdrop of this vision, we explore what changes are feasible and lie outside versus within our sphere of influence. From there we determine where we want to focus our actions. This way we never loose sight of the bigger picture behind the small impact we have. And finally, we try to identify the areas where we feel comfortable in using our voice to enhance the impact of our individual actions by inspiring others to follow our lead.
  • What is your coronavirus policy?
    We follow the locally applicable measures when it comes to the coronavirus.
  • What is your data privacy policy?
    Please consult our Privacy Policy
  • What courses do you offer?
    We currently have two variations of the REVIVER bootcamp: 1) A two day course, with two full days conducted three weeks apart; 2) A six week course of two-hour sessions. You can find out more about our courses here.
  • Where can in-person courses be carried out?
    Generally we can provide courses within the Netherlands. We are open to providing courses outside the Netherlands please arrange a call with us to discuss the possibilities!
  • How do I book a course?
    At this moment we are not taking bookings through the website so we encourage you to arrange a call with us.
  • What language do you offer your courses in?
    Courses are currently available in English and Dutch.
  • To what extent can the courses be tailored to company and individual desires?
    Although the REVIVER bootcamp curriculum follows a carefully thought-out storyline, there is room for a certain degree of tailoring. As a standard step we have intake discussions to tweak the curriculum to each group of participants. In addition we are open to discussing how to tweak the curriculum to meet company needs.
  • Which courses are suited to which types of individuals?
    At REVIVER we target (aspiring) managers whom we believe have the right level of influence (time, money and/or voice) to affect change within their organisations and communities, in order to maximize the impact of REVIVER as an organisation.
  • What do participants need to bring along with them to the sessions?
    Participants only need to bring a laptop with them. All other aspects will be provided for.
  • Are courses eligible for the Dutch STAP Budget?
    Not currently, but we are exploring this opportunity and hope to become eligible in the near future.
  • Who are the trainers?
    Currently all trainings are done by Laura Taal and/or Kafui Adjogatse. You can find out more on the About Us page.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    The details of the cancellation policy are known by the employer that is paying the course fee for you.
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