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Do you ever worry about the impacts of climate change on future generations?

Do you ever get frustrated with the speed of transformation?

Do you ever wonder what you yourself can do about these challenges?



At REVIVER we empower people to translate their concerns about the future into action they can take today in the areas of environmental revival and growing social cohesion.


We support people in REVIVING the planet and humanity by providing a holistic understanding of the challenges we face today, finding out where their impact meets their passion to act, and living by the customized REVIVER habits they define for themselves.


Our vision is a world where the killer issues of environmental degradation and growing inequality become less daunting by the day, and where anxiety is overruled by hope.


Our mission is to kick-start a global and hopeful movement of citizens who REVIVE the planet and humanity in an effective, pragmatic way, and who gain a deep sense of fulfilment from contributing to the protection of our collective future.

Our Approach

REVIVER offers professional courses to managers in public and private sector organisations for which sustainability is a strategic priority. These courses primarily focus on participants’ private lives, from where a foundation is built to fully embrace the organisation’s sustainability strategy. We take participants on a three-stage journey:

Holistic Understanding

First we face the issues of environmental degradation and growing social inequality and how they interact

Visualize the Future

We then challenge them to envision a future which is pleasant as well as plausible

REVIVER Action Plan

Finally, we support them in deriving a solid action plan to act towards their vision of the future

To keep participants motivated and empowered to continue and strengthen the choices they make, all participants are invited to be a part of the REVIVER network after completing the course. Members of the REVIVER network will have the opportunity to join regular meetup sessions. Through these sessions we deep-dive into relevant topics, support each other in achieving the targets we have set for ourselves, and find inspiration for setting new personal challenges.

Our Courses

By offering the REVIVER bootcamp, your organisation offers you and your colleagues guidance for acting on the biggest challenges of our times while nurturing responsible leaders. This not only empowers you as a course participant. It also strengthens your organisation’s position as an attractive employer and a future-proof organisation.

What REVIVERS say:

"The REVIVER bootcamp is a great and structured way to get from some of the enormous global sustainability issues we are facing, to actionable targets that are relatively easy to implement in your life."

Steven de Jonge

Evelien and Daniël share their stories in 1 minute:

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