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2-day High-Intensity REVIVER Bootcamp

2 full-day sessions, 3 weeks apart


In this bootcamp, participants are taken through the foundational steps of REVIVER through 2 interactive full-day sessions which will be approximately 3 weeks apart. The program is as follows: Day 1: Exploring the bigger picture and our role in it We will address questions like: - What is really the current state of the world? - What do we want the future to look like? - What can our role be in building our vision of the future? Day 2: Gearing up for action - How do our aspirations impact the bigger picture? - What are the right targets to set? - How do we amplify the impact of our individual actions? In order to strengthen the outcomes of the REVIVER bootcamp, we engage before and afterwards with individual participants as well as with the organising company. Before: To ensure that we make the training relevant and suitable for the needs of individual participants (and where it concerns an in-house bootcamp) the organisation’s needs, we conduct an intake prior to each course. At organisation level, this intake will seek to get a better understanding of organisational ambitions around sustainability and expectations for the course. Organisation level intakes can be online, by phone or in-person. On an individual level, participants are requested to submit an online intake form. This intake seeks to better understand the different starting positions of each individual in terms of awareness and activity levels. On the basis of this intake, points for attention in the course can be identified. After: To ensure the continuous improvement of the Bootcamp curriculum, all participants will be requested to provide feedback through an online form and if it concerns an in-house bootcamp, a close-out call will be scheduled with the organisation representative. In addition, to keep participants motivated and empowered to continue and strengthen the choices they make, all participants are invited to be a part of the REVIVER network. Members of the REVIVER network will have the opportunity to join regular meetup sessions. Through these sessions we deep-dive into relevant topics, support each other in achieving the targets we have set for ourselves, and find inspiration for setting new personal challenges.

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